Once Package is booked, detailed information about the shoot's location will be emailed to participants*


Sessions will be held in the New Orleans, La area

FHEO 2014 Deposit

Package A: Mini Session $150

  • 30 minute private session
  • 1 outfit
  • Access to props
  • Professional posing instructor
  • (1) 8X10 (2) 5x7
  • (3) Digital image w/ print release
  • Online viewing gallery (PASSWORD PROTECTED)

*Full face makeup application +$30*


Package B: Mini Session Bonus $225

  • 45 minute private session
  • 1 outfit
  • Access to props
  • Professional posing instructor
  • (1) 11x14 Wall print
  • (2) 8x10 Print
  • (1) Sexy 1 page 12 month Calendar
  • (5) Digital images w/ print release
  • Online viewing gallery (PASSWORD PROTECTED)

*Full face makeup application + $30*


Package C: Sensual Diva $375


  • 1 hour session
  • up to 3 outfit changes
  • Access to props
  • Professional posing instructor
  • Professional full make up application
  • (2) 11x14
  • (2) 3x3 "Sexy Little Accordion Booklets w/10 images
  • (1) Sexy 1 page 12 Month Calendar
  • (1) Custom silhouette T-shirt for "him"
  • (10) Digital images w/ print release
  • Online viewing gallery (PASSWORD PROTECTED)


***Complimentary champagne & desserts will be served***

*A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking

All products will be ready for pickup/delivery within 14 days



Additional Items

Makeup application $25/$30 with lashes

30 minutes extra time $50

10x14 12 Month calendar $45

Custom Silouette Men's T-shirt $50

(t-shirt price includes shipping)

(2) 3x3 Accordion album $60


Flush mount albums

4x6 "Sexy Little Black Book" $80

5x7 "Sexy Little Black Book" $115


Professional Prints


8x10.....Regular$20/Sale $15

11x14......Regular $45/Sale $25

16x20......Regular $85/Sale $50

Digital Copies with Print Release.....$25each


5 Digital Copies for $100





1. How do I book the FHEO special?

-To book, simply contact Cierra via the contact tab, include the date and time that you are interested in booking in the comment section. You will receive an email confirmation that your time is available. If the time is not available, suggested times will be sent for you to chose from. Once a time and date is confirmed, you can pay your deposit via the paypal link or you can pay with Cierra over the phone (paying over the phone will require you to provide you entire card number, security code, and expiration date). Once payment has been received, you will receive a series of emails: invoice, directions, tips, and a detailed questionnaire.

2. Where will the session be held?

-The 2014 FHEO session will be held at a lavish hotel in downtown New Orlean, La. The hotel will include a private dressing area and a private area for shooting your portraits.

3. Who will see my portraits?

-Your portraits will be seen by my team, the global image processing center, and you! The portraits from the FHEO sessions are not posted on any social media outlets without your approval. There may be certain images that will be used on the memoriesbycjp.com website to continue to inspire women to showcase their beauty, but most images will not show faces. And last but not least, your images will be in a password protected album for you and only you to view.

4. How will I get my product?

-I will have all products ready for pickup at my in-home studio in Denham Springs, La. If you are traveling from other cities, you can opt to have your products mailed for an additional $15.

5. How do I order more images?

-Based on the print prices above, you can order as many prints in as many images as you like. We ask that you send an email with the photo number and image size to memoriesbycjp@gmail.com to have your order fulfilled. Orders not included in the original package are mailed at no additional cost to you.

6. What is a digital image w/print release?

-Digital images are the photographers original work with no limitation on reproduction. When you purchase a digital image from us we provide you with a print release letter to provide to merchants in which you chose to print your images.

7. Do I do my own make-up?

-We will have a make-up artist on site during every shoot. We will offer eyebrow enhancements, eye makeup, and a free tutorial free of charge, but full face make-up will be $25/$30 with lashes. We suggest you purchase the make-up package so that you can look your best for these portraits, but it is your preference.

8. What do I wear?

-USE your IMAGINATION! Everyone wants to look like a Victoria Secret model, but we are here to make you feel like one! Bring your partner's favorite jersey, bring his favorite tie, a sexy teddy, or any lingerie you chose. The goal is to capture your natural beauty whatever that look may be! We will take a large number of photos in a short amount of time so be ready to work and have a BLAST!

9. What if my body is not PERFECT?

-No one has a perfect body! We all have something we hate about ourselves, but that's the beauty in the FHEO brand! We use modern technology to rid you of your imperfections to create a flawless image of you. We try not to make you look fake or unrealistic so we do not do FULL BODY photoshoping, but we DO enhance what is there.

10. What if I don't like my portraits?

-We have not had anyone dislike their FHEO images and we don't plan on starting now!


If you have any other questions that were not answered here, please send an email to memoriesbycjp@gmail.com or use the contact tab up top.