memoriesbycjp: Blog en-us @Cierra Johnson Photography (memoriesbycjp) Sat, 21 May 2016 16:28:00 GMT Sat, 21 May 2016 16:28:00 GMT memoriesbycjp: Blog 80 120 Engaged: Kori + Raymon If you love, LOVE, like me, then you're going to love this couple! We had so much fun shooting their Christmas inspired session to accommodate their Holiday wedding this winter.

The couple will marry on 12/17/2016

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Engaged: Deshanda + Rondell I met with Deshandra and Rondell a few months ago after being referred by their wedding planner. I was so excited when they selected me as their photographer because I love couples who have a noticeable genuine connection! For their engagement session, we decided on a romantic garden look. Deshandra is such a classic beauty that she didn't need much direction as she and Rondell gave me so much love to capture. Take a look at a few of their images below :)

Location: LSU Burden Gardens

Assistant: Chris

The couple will marry June 10, 2016

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Surprise Proposal: Jay + Stacie I was contacted a few weeks ago by a gentleman asking me if I could photograph his proposal. He wanted to do something very special for his girlfriend and thought that this would be the perfect proposal for her. I had so many questions, when, where, how, lol! The more we talked, I realized that this guy was so full of love that I had to accept the request. I chose the wedding industry because I love, LOVE! I love seeing people in love and I couldn't miss this beautiful moment that was going to occur with or without me... So, we started planning our scheme, lol. Jay, wanted to propose at the historic Jackson Square because his love, Stacie, is from New Orleans. He wanted to propose somewhere meaningful to her, don't you just love this guy, so what better place than one of the city's most visited landmarks. In addition to hiring me as the proposal photographer, Jay also inquired about a videographer. He wanted the entire proposal to be videoed so I reached out to one of my favorite videographers to join us on the proposal. The morning of the session, I arrived to Stacie's home to do her makeup, another detail Jay took care of... She was under the impression that we were just doing a standard couple's session. At one point, she said, "I have all these empty frames but no really nice pictures of us to put in them." I chuckled inside because little did she know, her boyfriend would be taking care of that problem permanently. As a part of our plan, I told Stacie and Jay that I invited a videographer out to film their session as promo for my new website. It was the only plan we could come up with that would explain why a videographer would be at their session, lol!!! I think it worked because I gave an oscar performance and Stacie didn't think anything of it when David arrived.

Check out Jay's proposal below and take a peek at the beautiful video of the entire thing!!!

Makeup: Me

Assistant: Chelcie

Videographer: David of

Location: New Orleans French Quarter

The couple will marry March 18, 2017



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Engaged: Audrea + Joshua The couple will wed on 05/07/16

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Engaged: Ty + Joshua How is it possible to have an instant connection with someone you've just met? I think about this every time I meet brides like Ty! This beauty had such a great spirit about her that we instantly bonded. I love getting to know my clients because it helps me to capture them, not who I want them to be. I tend to think that I am very easy to get along with, full of energy, and fun, but every now and then I need someone with the right amount of personality to feed off. Ty and Josh were so loving and attentive to one another that it often made me blush. I'm so grateful that they choose me! Please help me congratulate the happy couple, comments are welcomed!


The couple will marry 12/05/15

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Engaged: Sundee + Richard I'm not even sure if I know the exact words to use to describe just how much I enjoyed working with these two! When I meet couples, I tend to feed off their energy to capture the true essence of their personalities and these two came out the gate swinging, lol! Everything I asked of them, they did with no hesitation :) In my opinion, it's very important to build a certain creative trust between you and your photographer. Trusting your photographer allows you to be comfortable and them to do their thing, lol. Please help me congratulate this beautiful couple on their engagement, comments are welcomed!

The couple will marry on February 27, 2016

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Engaged: Daphne + Eric Daphne contacted me a while back about her wedding, when we met, she had such an amazing spirit that I was immediately drawn to her. Thankfully, she reserved her wedding date and I was finally able to photograph she and her fiance. It was an extremely hotttttttt day so my assistant was on full time "sweat rag" duty. I have to give it up to these two because the combination of the heat and the humidity this day was almost unbearable, but they stuck it out! Please help me congratulate the happy couple on their engagement, comments are welcomed.


The couple will marry on October 10, 2015

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Engaged: Bridgette +Jamar When I say I love my job, I really mean it! I had so much fun with this couple that their session was effortless. I love spending time with couples during their engagement session because it allows me to get to know them. Although it is rare, when I'm contracted for the wedding day only, it makes me sad:( Sad, because I don't get that chance to build a relationship with my clients. When I started my business, I did so with the intention of building strong relationships with my clients to ensure myself that they'll have the very best experience I could provide. So, when I leave a session and everyone has had a good time, it give me the joy I sooooo desire! Enough blabbing, take a look at this beautiful couple, I couldn't be more proud to have been chosen to capture their love, because it is so beautiful:)

The couple will marry October 14, 2016

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Engaged: Keshia + Lance Location: LSU Rural Life

Makeup: Me

Assistant: Chelcie

The couple will marry: May 21, 2016

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Engaged: Mo + Seyi Talk about awesome! Mo and Seyi were such a blast to work with during their session at the Shaw Center for the Arts in Baton Rouge. Take a look below! Help me congratulate the happy couple, comments are welcomed!


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Engaged: Deandra + Terry Deandra and Terry were so much fun to work with! Their love was so beautiful so the song in their slideshow below is so fitting! Thanks for choosing me:)

The couple will marry on March 06,2016

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Engaged: Randrea + Mark I had such a good time with this couple! It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time capturing their love:)

The couple will marry on October 24, 2015

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Engaged: Carl + Lavondra

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Engaged: Cherish + Ranell For one of my first engagement sessions of 2015, Cherish and Ranell really set the bar high. The couple decided that they would do their session at one of Baton Rouge's most beautiful country clubs. This was such a fun shoot because I love when my couples are creative! Cherish and Ranell rented a golf cart for them and for my assistant and I. We rode all of the course stopping for photo opportunities as we went. Not only did we capture some beautiful photos, but we also made beautiful memories as well! Help me by congratulating the happy couple, comments are welcomed!

Location:Copper Mill Country Club

Makeup: Me


The couple will be married on: January 16, 2016

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Engaged: Ashlei + Waymon Ashlei contacted me a few months ago to do her engagement session. She said she wanted to include her daughter in their session and needed to know if I was okay with that. I thought it was the cutest idea so of course I obliged. While doing Ashlei's makeup, I was able to talk to her daughter who was absolutely one of the most intelligent kids I've met in a long time. She was so cute and so smart for her age that I was completely blown away by her personality. While out on the session, she was the best little helper! She made sure that her dad wasn't sweating and that her mom's hair wasn't in her face. She held my hand everywhere we walked and we had the best time! It's moments like this that make every couple I work with dear to my heart. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to capture your love, between the two of you and your boobutt!

Help me to congratulate the happy couple, comments are welcomed!

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King Wedding: Aneesah + Terence  

Bridal Prep: Hyatt French Quarter

Groom Prep:Embassy Suites

Ceremony Venue: St. Peter Claver Church

Reception Venue & Catering: Riverview Room

Wedding Coordinator, flowers, & decor: Ellerjae Events

Bride's dress: Linda Lee Bridal

Bridesmaids dresses: Andrew Adela

Tuexdos: Men's Warehouse

Cake: Swiss Confectionery

Lighting:Glow Everywhere

Linens: Tapestry Linens

Limo: American Luxury

Videographey: Jambalaya Films

DJ: DJ B Nice

Hair: Shay Von J

Makeup: Renee Wilkins

Honeymoon: Turks and Caicos- Seven Stars Resort


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Patterson Wedding: Gabriel + Julius Hello, it's me again! Blogging has become such a fun part of presenting my work that I put major pressure on myself to get it done! With that, lets take it back to this gorgeous November day when the lovely Gabriel married the love of her life Julius! This day was absolute perfection! For me, good weather is just one of my things. I just love waking up to a clear blue sky with a few random white clouds far in the distance, something about it just keeps me in a good mood. Any whoo! I arrived early to of course, do my lovely bride Gabriel's makeup :) She was in such a good mood, her girls where all in great moods, and the room was very calm. You don't know just how important it is for us ladies to choose the right people to be our bridesmaids. Your maids play a very important role in your big day, because they are there to help you, keep you calm, and to get you excited about the big day. Very often the wedding day mood can be ruined by misunderstandings, mood swings, and just bad energy which is not good for the bride. So it's always good to see everyone working together to ensure that their Bride is having a flawless day.


Gabriel and Julius' wedding was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't be more proud to have been their chosen photographer!!! Help me congratulate the happy couple on their marriage!! Comments are welcomed!


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Williams Wedding: Dominique + Milk WHERE DO I BEGIN!!!!? A few Sundays ago I had the pleasure of capturing one of the most beautiful unions a lover of "love" could wish for! It was a gorgeous day in the city which was perfect viewing from the bridal suite at the Hilton on the river. I arrived very early this day because my bride wanted all of her tattoos covered for her wedding, so being her makeup artist and photographer, duty called. Once we were done with makeup, it was time to get dressed to head out to the venue. I've been in many situations with brides where things don't go as planned and havoc erupts, but Dominique was different! While it is expected that some things may not go as planned for brides on their wedding day, Dominique faced a few unexpected challenges. Challenges in which she and her sister, "the OLIVA POPE" herself, lol, managed with class and dignity. I swear this beauty is such a class act! Any whoo, the ceremony was beautiful, the food was amazing, and the celebration/party/reception..... Well, I guess you'll just have to scroll down!

Congrats to Dominique & Milk, may your love be joyous and everlasting!!!









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Hitchens Wedding: Sherrise + Brad Coming soon!


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